Services for Employees

Our solicitors have unrivalled expertise and experience and a robust commitment to make employment law work for you.
They won’t sit on the fence and they will tell you how to resolve your employment law difficulties and achieve your goals.

Our services to Employees include: 
Termination of Employment

You may have been unfairly dismissed or made redundant or you have been given a settlement agreement. We realise that this is a difficult process for you and we always try to keep things simple for our clients. We can also deal with any post termination restrictions.


Unpaid wages and holiday entitlements

If you think you are entitled to owed wages, there are ways in which we can help. We have experience in negotiating with trade unions as well as with employers.



There are different types of discrimination and none should be treated lightly. We are certain we can help with every type you are dealing with.


Constructive dismissal

This occurs if you believe that you have been forced to leave your job against your will because of your employer’s conduct. We have dealt with multiple cases of constructive dismissal over the years and we have always tried to negotiate the best deal for our client.


Tribunal representation

The process of going into a tribunal can be exhausting both mentally and monetary. We can support you through this procedure.


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Darren Sherborne

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