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Every law firm tells you that they’re different…well at Sherbornes, we don’t. Instead, we focus on delivering a professional legal service to our clients in a way that we would want as clients. We then leave it to them to tell everyone else that we’re different.

Whilst we are predominantly a Gloucestershire based firm with years of experience in commercial, corporate and employment law, we have clients nationwide that range from individuals, sole traders and newly incorporated companies to large household name PLC’s. Our modern, innovative and ‘unique’ approach has earned us a spot among the best law firms in the county.

Our small team is made up of highly experienced, self-made, and hard-working lawyers with a practical and no-nonsense approach. In every field of law that we specialise in, there is one thread running through the firm and that is our commitment to ensure our clients receive pragmatic, business-focussed and straight-talking advice.

Regardless as to whether it’s employment, corporate or commercial advice, we believe that our clients come to us wanting to know “if you were me, with what you know about the law, what would you do?” It’s not rocket science, but the words “If I were you” is exactly how we start our journey with our clients.

Why now?

We need to expand our employment department at Sherbornes as our approach has resulted in substantial growth over the last 3-4 years and we need someone to come in and immediately work with our clients and help us to help them.

We cannot stress enough that we are looking to recruit the “right” person to expand our employment department. Interested? Read below!

Your new role

This is an extremely varied role and the right person must be versatile. You’ve got to adapt; roll with the punches and whilst doing all of this, you have to think like a businessperson first and then like a lawyer.

You will have to be willing to deal with all the nitty gritty covering all aspects of employment law and Tribunals and yes…we also answer the phone, manage our own diaries and make our own coffee. Even if you haven’t had the chance to work on certain aspects of the job, don’t worry; if you have the right attitude and approach, then we’ve got a team in place to support you.

Although it’s a full-time job, the working hours can and will be flexible. We don’t believe that you have to be at your desk Monday to Friday 09:00am to 5:00pm in order to be effective at what you do. Quite simply, if you’re busy making your clients happy…then we’re happy!

What you’ll need to succeed

The fact that you were the head girl/boy at Oxbridge, coming out with a first-class degree and having 25 years’ experience in a mahogany panelled law firm will not set our world alight. What will is your attitude and approach on how you are prepared to use the law in order to achieve what your client wants. That, combined with your personality is what we are looking for.

Of course, you will need a solid grounding in employment law to work with us, to immediately take on a case load and assist our clients whilst also developing yourself as part of the team. Also, you will need a sense of humour to cope with the misfits that you’ve decided to join and the jokes that we play on each other! The bottom line is if you can take your work seriously, whilst not taking yourself seriously, then you’ll fit right in with us!

You’ll notice that we haven’t focussed on what university you went to, what degree you came out with and how many years “PQE” you have. This is because we are completely flexible at Sherbornes and we will be for the right person.

So, if you are an existing employment lawyer with a solid grounding and comfortable with taking on an immediate case load, it doesn’t matter if you have been working for 3 years or 35 years as a lawyer; what matters is that you fit in with the team and that you have something new to bring to the firm.

This role is however based in Cheltenham and we don’t work in silos at Sherbornes. We are genuinely a team and we work as such, so if you don’t currently live a commuting distance from our lovely spa town, then you should be willing to relocate.

What you’ll get in return

In the same way that we are not restricting ourselves to lawyers based on their “PQE”, we don’t restrict ourselves in terms of how we share the successes of the business with the team.

If you’re looking for the security of a guaranteed salary with a healthy bonus scheme, that’s absolutely fine and we are prepared to offer an attractive package. However, if you are prepared to back yourself and you would like to discuss an equity/profit share package, then that’s fine too. We have a committed and promising strategy in place at Sherbornes which is not restricted like most firms. There are outstanding prospects for the right person and we can and will tailor a package to suit the experience and aspirations of the right person.

Finally, we’re a small team at Sherbornes and we do tend to operate a lot like a family. We disagree from time to time and we’re not afraid to express our opinions, but we look out for each other and we treat every new member this way. If you are thinking of applying, you should be prepared to join the family!

Sounds good?

We would love to sit and have coffee with you, if you feel you are the right person for this firm and you would like to know more.

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