Employee/Shareholder Contracts
It was announced last night that the House of Lords have rejected the introduction of Employee/Shareholder contracts. These were the contracts whereby employees could swap employment rights for shares. You may remember that we have been critical of the value of this new measure. The measure may be sent back to...
Disability and fatness
Fatness as a disability has been examined in the Appeal Tribunal this week. Please note the date, it is NOT April 1st. In this case, the employee was considered by any reasonable standard as being obese. The gentleman in question suffered from a number of conditions, including being obese.In the original...
Changes to Whistle Blower Rules
The Whistleblowing laws are getting plenty of attention at present as the government tables a number of changes to the current rules. At present, to gain protection an employee must have raised complaints “in good faith” otherwise they are not entitled to the protection. Last week the government tabled a change...
Practical Advice, Simply Put
An important change to the law has been introduced to the Enterprise Bill currently making its way through parliament. In short, the qualifying period for unfair dismissal will not apply if the reason, or main reason, for the dismissal is political opinion. The bill does not make dismissals related to...
Religious discrimination
An interesting case published today appears to show the appeal tribunal beginning to tire over sensitive employees. The case in question concerns a newsroom, where an employee shouted “What’s happened to the f#cking Pope?” and a Catholic sub editor took offence. The Appeal Tribunal ruled that this was NOT harassment....
Disability Discrimination
An interesting case was published last week relating to disability discrimination (DDA) although more a parable of the importance of a good lawyer.The case involved JP Morgan, who had an employee who was injured while on a skiing holiday and became disabled.He returned to work part time and performed better...
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