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Every law firm tries to think of ways to be ‘different’. We think about you instead.

But what does that actually mean for you?

What’s best about us is that from that very first conversation, we put ourselves in your shoes to find out exactly what you want to achieve. So if you want a lawyer who makes the law work for you, is completely open and transparent about their fees, doesn’t sit on the fence, doesn’t leave all the difficult decisions to you, who tells you what you should do and not just what you can do, then talk to us.

The success of our approach to the law means we have grown rapidly and expanded our range of services. Originally Employment Law specialists, working for employers and employees, we now have expertise and a proven track record in many areas of Business Law.

I would thoroughly recommend Sherborne’s services to any employer – large or small


Retracting a Resignation

IMPULSIVE RESIGNATIONS The Appeal tribunal has examined what are known as “Heat of the Moment” resignations. Could an employee resign in the heat of an argument, and then retract that resignation? The original Tribunal had decided that where an employee...
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Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

Autumn 2023 Statement After much rumour and speculation, the Chancellor has today set out his Autumn Statement and what this will mean, in theory, to the pockets of business owners and their employees. Our team of business lawyers will digest...
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Find out what laws have changed for Employment

Do you know what you need to change in relation to your flexible working policy? Are you aware of your obligations under new legislation coming in next year concerning zero hours and agency staff? Did you check to see what...
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The definition of disability

Employers will be familiar with the fact there is legislation in place to protect those with disabilities from being treated less favourably in the workplace due to their condition. In order to be protected from discrimination, a disability must meet...
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Holiday rights extended by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court have issued a judgement which has the potential to increase an employer’s liability for historic holiday pay In short, the case concerned the Police officers who had brought claims for underpayment of holiday pay after having historically...
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Sexual harassment or assault in the Workplace

Following the allegations about Russell Brand this weekend, we are seeing a lot of speculation about workplace harassment and sexual assault. Much of it is incorrect. So, we will spend a few paragraphs dispelling the myths. First of all, as...
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