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Every law firm tries to think of ways to be ‘different’. We think about you instead.

But what does that actually mean for you?

What’s best about us is that from that very first conversation, we put ourselves in your shoes to find out exactly what you want to achieve. So if you want a lawyer who makes the law work for you, is completely open and transparent about their fees, doesn’t sit on the fence, doesn’t leave all the difficult decisions to you, who tells you what you should do and not just what you can do, then talk to us.

The success of our approach to the law means we have grown rapidly and expanded our range of services. Originally Employment Law specialists, working for employers and employees, we now have expertise and a proven track record in many areas of Business Law.

I would thoroughly recommend Sherborne’s services to any employer – large or small


Homeworking and Document Security

In the week that we have National Shred Day, we’re receiving reports of the Information Commissioner’s Office upholding a complaint against an employer who failed to dispose of sensitive data securely where an employee was working from home. This is...
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Indirect sex discrimination and sex workers

BOUNCE BACK LOANS FOR SEX WORKERS AND INDIRECT SEX DISCRIMINATION This matter is being highlighted to remind businesses that sex discrimination can arise in many ways, without it ever being the intention. We will try to avoid the puerile humour which...
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Return to work from Covid closed workplaces

Covid unlocking. How do employers handle this when its recommendations rather than rules? This week we see an end to the general restrictions which have been gradually melting away over the past months. However you personally feel about it, the...
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Reminder of changes to employer’s furlough scheme contributions

Employers should be aware that the contributions they are required to make under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (commonly known as furlough) change from next month. This change in contributions was part of the Chancellor’s announcement in March when the...
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Confusion over Furlough scheme for self-isolating staff

The BBC have reported that the government has deliberately left vague whether staff can be placed on furlough during self-isolation. We offer no opinion on whether this is deliberate, but confirm it is vague. In order to try to offer...
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Redundancy is no joke

Being an employment lawyer, one realizes that occasionally we are in a privileged position, sharing in times of crisis, as well as times of great stress for business owners and employees alike. To this end we experience the best and...
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