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Every law firm tries to think of ways to be ‘different’. We think about you instead.

But what does that actually mean for you?

What’s best about us is that from that very first conversation, we put ourselves in your shoes to find out exactly what you want to achieve. So if you want a lawyer who makes the law work for you, is completely open and transparent about their fees, doesn’t sit on the fence, doesn’t leave all the difficult decisions to you, who tells you what you should do and not just what you can do, then talk to us.

The success of our approach to the law means we have grown rapidly and expanded our range of services. Originally Employment Law specialists, working for employers and employees, we now have expertise and a proven track record in many areas of Business Law.

I would thoroughly recommend Sherborne’s services to any employer – large or small


Beware of Companies House

Companies House: we will find you, we will question you, and we (may) fine you. Those of you who manage companies will know all about the exciting task of keeping various company filings up to date with the Registrar at...
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Off side doesn’t always mean no goal

Off side doesn’t always mean no goal Last week the CIPD’s People Management Daily e-mail reported on the case of Chelsea Football Club’s groundsman who was found to have been unfairly dismissed after sending out anonymous e-mails claiming the Club’s...
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New Rates of National Minimum Wage

A brief reminder of forthcoming increases to the National Minimum Wage and other employment rates From 1 April 2024, the National Minimum Wage increases as follows:   Rates 2023 2024 National Living Wage (age 21+) £10.42 £11.44 Adult rate £10.18...
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Masterclass – Extension of Protection for Pregnant Employees

 Extension of protection for pregnant employees As of the 6th April, protection against redundancy for pregnant employees is extended considerably. There is already a duty to give employees on maternity leave preference to redeployment opportunities over other employees. However, as...
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New Menopause Guidance

New menopause guidance The Equality and Human Rights Commission have issued guidance today on dealing with menopause in the workplace. It includes an explanation of the obligations on businesses not to discriminate, whether as a result of someone’s sex, age,...
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Redundancy Consultation & Fair Dismissals

The Appeal Tribunal has ruled on a case where an employee was made redundant using a pool and scoring matrix, but didn’t see the pool, or matrix until after it was done. It should not be a surprise that the...
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