Services for Employers

Our solicitors have a number of different approaches tailored to the needs of each individual business client. Expect clear advice based on sound legal knowledge. They recognise the tightrope that business owners and HR professionals often have to walk. They see things from a business perspective, grasping the problems and solving them.
Our services to Employers include: 
ARCTURUS is our unique fixed price advisory service for employers giving them all the benefits of an in-house legal team, at a fraction of the cost. To find out more about Arcturus, click here.
Advice and guidance

We can offer advice in various matters such as discrimination on any ground, grievance and disciplinaries, compromise agreements, consultation, difficult dismissals, workplace mediation and arbitration and internal disputes.


Drafting and rolling out contracts, policies, and procedures

We know the risk of not having enforceable and up to date policies and procedures for your business and we can make sure that your business has everything it needs in place.



We have substantial experience in negotiating with other solicitors, with trade unions or employees themselves. We can help with redundancies, restructures and changes of management, settlement agreements, director dismissals, trade union issues and professional investigations.


Transfers of Undertaking (TUPE)

We offer a range of advice for businesses and individuals facing TUPE. Employers must be well informed and will require support to do things the right way.



We have created a range of courses for both business owners and HR professionals in mind. The content of each course reflects our no-nonsense approach and will include practical examples and case results where appropriate. Our aim is to equip you with a sound basic knowledge of each topic, which you can apply in your day to day work. To find out about our topics, click here .



We hold a variety of seminars and masterclasses throughout the year. To see our latest seminars, click here.


Regular employment updates:

We always try to keep our clients up to date about changes in employment law. If you want to keep track on the updates, just subscribe. It’s FREE!


Darren Sherborne

Darren Sherborne

Head of the Employment Department

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Employment Team:
Darren Sherborne, Trula Brunsdon,
Matt Lennon

We have complete confidence in the advice that Sherborne give us. They give us peace of mind because we know they understand us and our needs as a business. Their no-nonsense approach means
that we can focus on running our business

Naomi Nicholas