"Sherbornes never make me feel foolish, even when some of my questions are ridiculous! And they smile, a small thing that makes working with them relaxing and enjoyable”

- Frank Lloyd-Murray, Director

“Sherbornes always offer fantastic service– cutting out ‘legal waffle’ and getting straight to the point.”

- Rob Kingscott, The Local Answer

“Clear, sensible, sound and practical advice. Would highly recommend.”

- Jon Duckworth, Sports Marketing Consultant

“Everyone in the Sherbornes team is very good with people and a fierce negotiator - always aiming to get the best for their clients.”

- Lucy B.

Our Promise to you

We promise to keep our promises.

  • We promise to listen. We want to hear your story, your priorities and to find out exactly what you want to achieve.
  • We promise to be responsive, readily available and never to palm you off or ignore your calls or messages.
  • We promise to explain all the practical implications. We’ll do everything we can to resolve your problems and not try and teach you the law.
  • We promise to keep you in the picture with regular progress reports.
  •  We promise to give you real value for money and be totally transparent about pricing.


As a client of Sherbornes you’ll find we are:

Our clients take our legal expertise for granted. They can, they’re right to and their feedback confirms it.
What you get is what you see and if anything, we will under promise and over deliver.
We know our clients want solutions; positive and speedy outcomes, not a wishy washy range of options. We find ways to make this happen.
We actively support local suppliers, people and good causes.
We don’t sugar coat our advice or deal in false hopes and you’ll always know where you stand on fees.
We believe good relationships and successful outcomes are built on honesty and consistency.
We don’t stand on ceremony. We empathise with our clients and give clear, practical and straightforward advice.
If you cant find what you are looking for, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it
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