“I owe Sherbornes a huge debt of gratitude and respect them enormously. Trust them to do the right thing.”

- D. Senior Partner

“Sherbornes Solicitors took a very worrying problem out of our hands and turned an extremely stressful situation into a positive outcome.”

- Harry W.

“I found the Sherbornes team courteous, diligent and most capable. They are a genuine pleasure to work with.”

- T.C.

“Sherbornes simplified a complex process resulting in less stress and higher net proceeds. I’d happily recommend them”.

- Rob L. - Chief Financial Planner

Business Law

Quite simply, as is often the case in the business world, our task is how the objective can be achieved (within the parameters set out by our clients), and not the legal reasons why it might be tricky.

The business law world is full of jargon and terminology which can have the effect of confusing business owners and which have been known to result in decisions being taken, that with hindsight, those business owners later regret. At Sherbornes, there’s little that our team of specialists have not experienced before, so we are able to cut through this distracting terminology and jargon in order to assist our clients with what is actually in their best interests.

When it comes to business law support, assistance and advice, you should always look to those who have not only the legal experience, but those who have operated at the highest levels of business.

In addition to working in a law firm, our specialised and highly skilled team of business lawyers have operated at senior levels in small, medium and large sized businesses (including public listed companies). Because of this, Sherbornes is perfectly placed to provide legal advice and support in a practical, no nonsense, “business” way. Whether you are buying
or selling a business, entering into a contract that you are unsure about or want to protect your ideas, we do it your way.

The Sherbornes business law team is one of the leading teams in Gloucestershire based on practical down to earth quality and by reputation. Our policy of recruitment from industry leaders with practical, in-house, commercial experience (as well as a detailed knowledge of the law) and developing internal talent, results in Sherbornes being able to deliver, with a reputation of straightforward and pragmatic advice, which focuses on the objective of our clients.

It is because of this that Sherbornes has earned our reputation as being “No nonsense”.

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