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Employment Training Courses

A handy guide to the range of Employment Law courses delivered by lawyers from Sherbornes, the Employment and Commercial Law specialists.

Each of these courses can be delivered exclusively for your business or on a shared basis.

For all that we would love to help you with your Employment Law cases and problems, we are firm believers in the philosophy that “prevention is better than a cure”. You may already be able to identify which course would be most beneficial to you. If not, then why not contact us and ask us to carry out a review of your current Employment Law position. This will highlight any deficiencies, quick fixes that may be required and which course might be best for you.

Handling difficult and sensitive issues

Absence / Sickness management

Absences and sickness are an inevitably in any business. How though can you minimise the impact of these on your business and what are your rights when it comes to managing these situations? This course will equip you to handle these situations in a professional manner but equally make it clear that only genuine cases will be tolerated.

Handling difficult employees

Is there somebody within your business or organisation that is a disruptive or negative influence on those around them? Such a situation can be very damaging to a business with a widespread effect on other employees and their productivity. This course will equip you with the knowledge and tactics to handle this situation head on and bring it a positive conclusion one way or another.

Discipline and grievance

Most of us will have faced a situation where we are either having to discipline an employee or respond to a grievance. How well did you handle the situation or could the outcome have been better? This highly practical course will equip you with the skills and a step by step guide to positively deal with discipline cases and grievances.


This course look at what discrimination is in a workplace environment and will highlight the steps you can take to try and ensure that you are not facing any claims against you on the grounds of discrimination. The practical approach that will be shared with you on this course is based upon years of experience of discrimination cases, many of which could have been avoided had the right steps been taken.

Dismissing difficult employees

Despite your best efforts to resolve matters, you have reached a point where the only sensible course of action is to dismiss a difficult employee/s. This course will show you how best to go about this in a highly practical manner to avoid unnecessary disruption to the business and to minimise the possibility of legal problems further down the road.

Constructive dismissal

The compensation culture in society is leading to an increase in the number of constructive dismissal cases. Constructive Dismissal is where an employer is deemed to have forced an employee to leave their job because of their actions. Changes in hours or practices, demotion, or a cut in pay or failure to tackle bullying or harassment can all be cited as reasons for Constructive Dismissal. This course will show you how to minimise the chances of one of your employees making a Constructive Dismissal case and how to handle such a case should you find yourself in this situation.

Processes and procedures made easy

TUPE: Transfer of Undertakings
If your business ownership is changing or you are acquiring a business yourself, then you need
to understand that the employees affected may be protected under the Transfer of Undertakings
(Protection of Employment) regulations (TUPE). This practical course will show you the
processes and procedures to adopt when TUPE applies. By attending this course, you will
understand the various stages of a business transfer, can interpret the requirements of the TUPE
regulations, understand employee rights and your obligations as an employer.
The consequences of badly handling a misconduct case can be disruptive and costly. This
course will equip you with a systematic approach to handling a misconduct case.
Performance management
Dealing with an under-performing employee can be fraught with difficulty if mishandled. Making a
wrong move at any point can make it difficult to remove an employee without complications, if
this is the end result. This course will provide you a practical guide on how best to approach
performance management and achieve your desired result with the minimum of inconvenience to
the business.
Effective Redundancy Process
At certain points in the life of any business, it can be necessary to make people redundant. You
will want to tackle this compassionately, fairly and without falling foul of employment law. This
course will show you the processes and procedures you need to adopt to achieve your end goal.
Reorganisation, Restructuring and Redundancy
If your business or organisation is about to go through either a re-organisation, restructuring or
redundancy you will want to do everything you can to achieve this as smoothly as possible.
Topics covered will include contract changes, redundancy law and individual / collective
consultation requirements. The right processes and procedures can help you achieve this aim
and this course will show you how to put these in place.

Employing People

Employing People - A Practical Introduction

Whether your employing staff for the first time or perhaps your business has grown quickly and not all the right employment law practices are in place, then this course could be just right for you. You will receive a practical overview of all your responsibilities when it comes.

Contracts and terms and conditions

Are all your contracts and terms and conditions as robust and “fit for purpose” as they should be? This course will equip you with a sound understanding of the essential elements and the importance of building flexibility into policies and contractual documentation. You will understand the need to make a strong business case for any change which affects employee contracts and you will benefit from guidance on the practical issues to be considered when drafting or amending contracts.

Equality, diversity, and the Equality Act 2010

In this course, we cover all the essentials of Equality and Diversity that businesses and organisations need to be aware of. You will learn about the different types of discrimination – supported by practical examples and we will highlight the changes brought in under the Equality Act. We will equip you with the knowledge you need to adopt best practice in this area.

Trade union recognition

The decline in recent years of trade unions means that many business owners and HR professionals have little knowledge or experience of working with a trade union. Union recognition is now on the increase though and this practical course will show you how to work with trade unions. You will learn all about the extensive rights that union members and their representatives have in the workplace.

New Employment Law and Update

Whether you are a business owner or a busy HR professional it can be difficult to keep up to date with all the important employment law changes and cases that can have a profound effect on your business. This course will run through all the changes that have happened over the last 12 months as well as look at the changes on the horizon that you need to be taking into consideration.

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