“I owe Sherbornes a huge debt of gratitude and respect them enormously. Trust them to do the right thing.”

- D. Senior Partner

“Sherbornes Solicitors took a very worrying problem out of our hands and turned an extremely stressful situation into a positive outcome.”

- Harry W.

“Sherbornes simplified a complex process resulting in less stress and higher net proceeds. I’d happily recommend them.”

- Rob L. - Chief Financial Planner

“I found the Sherbornes team courteous, diligent and most capable. They are a genuine pleasure to work with.”

- T.C.

A business sale is never easy, but I could always rely on them, always reach them and they kept driving forward no matter what. Absolutely could not have been better. A special thanks to Natasha Thomas for her diligence and professionalism.

- R Ayley

Company Law Services

Business Purchases

You may be buying your first business, making one of a series of acquisitions, or you may be part of a management buy out of the business in which you work. Whether it is a business and asset purchase or a share purchase, we have extensive experience in all these areas and we are able to give you as much or as little support as you need in order to be confident in what you are purchasing and to complete that deal.

Business Sales

Selling your business, as well as running it day to day, can be a daunting and a difficult time. We know that all too well and we’re on hand to take as much of the strain as you want us to. We can help through the “due diligence” process and we’re here of course to assist you to deal with all of the transaction documentation.

Investing in Businesses

We regularly act for both investors and businesses who are looking to raise funds by the issue of shares in their business to investors, completing transactions every month which range from a few thousand pounds to several millions. If you would like to know more about our experience and assistance in investing in businesses or securing investment into your business, give us a call or drop us an email


If you are looking at changing the ownership of your business, issuing shares to coming employees and directors, exploring share incentive schemes or changing certain categories of your shares and the rights attached to them, we have the expertise and the capability to assist you achieve your objectives in our no-nonsense and pragmatic style.

Shareholder Agreements

Having seen the issues faced by businesses and their owners, which result from not having agreements that regulate the rights and obligations of the shareholders (and the lack of any rules when it comes to shareholders who wish to sell or gift their shares to others), we can’t stress enough, the importance of documenting this in formal, binding agreements. Dealing with those sometimes tricky and awkward questions when everyone is getting on, will probably mean that you don’t have to deal with them when the relationship is perhaps not as strong as it initially was when everyone started out.

Share Issues, Articles etc.

Whether or not it is part of a purchase, sale, investment or restructure, if you wish to make amend to some of your legal documentation such as the Articles of Association of your business or the number and types of shares in your business, the chances are that we will have someone with the expertise who has handled the same or very similar transactions before.

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