“I was highly impressed by Sherbornes. I knew exactly what I needed to do at each stage.”

- K. B.

“Everyone in the Sherbornes team is very good with people and a fierce negotiator - always aiming to get the best for their clients.”

- Lucy B.

“When I was over whelmed with stress and worry with the issues I was being attacked with by my employer I called Sherbornes from a recommendation by a friend. As soon as I spoke to Darren at Sherbornes he helped to lift the worry and put it all into prospective with a proactive plan and action. I was given 48hrs to make a life changing decision by my employer and Darren at Sherbornes immediately paused my employer and helped me to come up with a decision and agreement that was best for me. The whole negation process was handled by Darren after discussions with me and brought to a seamless conclusion at a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend the company with its specialist knowledge which is invaluable. “

- M. P.


Settlement Agreements

Sometimes people are presented with settlement agreements designed to bring their contract to end or to resolve a dispute and they need to understand whether the terms of fair or not in the circumstances. You can read more about how we can help you here

Unfair Dismissal

If you think that that you may have been unfairly dismissed, we can offer you a safe pair of hands. We realise that this is a difficult process for you and we always try to keep things simple for our clients. We can also deal with any post termination restrictions

Holiday, Sickness and Working Time

A large number of employees have experienced issues with their employers in relation to taking all the holiday they are entitled to. Also, long-term sickness can create issues with your employment. We are here to offer you a safe pair of hands and support you during any difficult time.

Equal pay

If you feel you are not being paid the same as someone of the opposite sex for doing the same job or an equivalent job, we can help. We are familiar with the staged approach taken by Tribunals to equal pay claims, as well as cases involving the appointment of an expert to assess job equivalence.


Discrimination can take different forms and none should be treated lightly. If you feel that you have been discriminated in any way, we are here to offer you support and guidance on the legal steps you can take to protect your employment and yourself. We will make sure to hold those guilty to account and protect you from others who come after you.

Bullying/ harassment

Whether you are being bullied or harassed by a manager, colleague or even a third party, such as a customer or a supplier, we can advise on the appropriate next steps depending on your situation and what you want to achieve.


Redundancy is a lot more common than most employees think. However, as an employee you have rights and the redundancy process must be followed to the letter by the employer to ensure that you have been fairly treated. If you feel that you need support and advice during the process or you need someone to negotiate a fair package, give us a call to discuss your case.

Performance management

Appraisals and performance reports are often used by employers to evaluate an employee’s performance. Sometimes, employees feel that they were mistreated during their appraisal. If this how you feel, we can offer you support and guidance.

Disciplinary procedures

A lot of employees can face disciplinary hearings as a result of their actions. We have supported many clients through their disciplinaries, dismissals or grievances and we have acquired the expertise and the capability to assist you during this difficult and stressful time.

Restrictive covenants

There are times where your employer wants to stop you taking a new job or speaking to valuable business contacts. The rules covering these restrictions are complex and often unenforceable, even when properly drafted. We are certain we can help you out with whatever you are dealing with.

Tribunal Representation and Litigation

When it comes to Employment Tribunals, you should be absolutely clear that no litigation can guarantee success, no matter how strong the case appears to be. However, we are always doing our best for our clients and we go above and beyond for them. To learn more about what a potential tribunal could entail and have a look at the potential costs, you can click here.

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