ACAS Guidance on the Menopause

ACAS Guidance on the Menopause

At the date of writing it is World Menopause Day and ACAS have used the occasion to publish guidance for employers on dealing with staff affected by the menopause. It is an interesting read for any HR professional.

The guidance suggests that employers should be aware of the link between the menopause and both disability and age discrimination, not to mention sex discrimination.

Whilst several political parties have played with the idea of introducing formal protection for women undergoing the menopause, there is as yet, no formal law preventing discrimination on this basis. However, the solicitors at Sherbornes note that many new protections have started life as advisory guidance from ACAS and such guidance often later forms the basis of new law.  While there is no formal obligation, the guidance suggests training, reasonable adjustments and the creation of a menopause policy.

It is notable that ACAS appears to be pandering to some stereotypes by suggesting that employers can make environmental changes by providing desk fans to sufferers who presumably will be suffering from hot flushes.

It is an interesting read and perhaps a glimpse into the future. The guidance can be read here: .

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