Staffing Issues after Sunday’s Final

Staffing Issues after Sunday’s Final

European Cup Final

Who can be unaware that this country (England) has reached the final of the European Cup this Sunday. For those of us with HR responsibility, this brings with it a question. Do we, as an Employer, kill the moment and risk a home goal, or do we see an opportunity for Employee Relations gold?

The answer depends upon how important normal attendance is on Monday morning, after the party/commiserations.

Whatever the answer, it’s wise, and well advised, to make your expectations as an employer clear. There is no harm, only benefit in spelling out what the employer’s expectations are for Monday morning. In fact, we recommend it.

The steps one might consider may include the following:

  • Make clear that while we support our nation, we expect all to attend on Monday as normal.
  • Ensure that any sickness absence on Monday is required to be reported personally, and not by text or email.
  • Point out that while the first day of sickness is normally paid by management discretion, any sickness on Monday will not be paid except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Lateness on Monday morning will be a disciplinary event.
  • Those who operate machinery will be subject to random alcohol breath tests on Monday morning, especially if late, and those deemed unfit will be subject to disciplinary action.

Alternatively, an employer might:

  • Agree that half day unpaid leave will be available to those who request it for Monday morning, or
  • That bacon sandwiches will be provided for all staff on Monday morning in the event of an England win

Naturally, a combination of any of the above may be suitable, or none at all depending on your philosophy as an employer. There is no doubt however that the aftermath of the game could be the chance to strengthen a winning team, or indeed a home goal.

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