Changes to Employment Contracts

Changes to Employment Contracts

Before now, employers had two months to issue a contract to a new employee. Employees and workers are now entitled to a written Statement of Terms and Conditions from day one of employment.  The penalty for failure can be one months wage.


There are also new requirements about what information the Statement must contain. The additional information required is:


  • specifying the days of the week the worker may be required to work, if the working days or hours may be varied and if so, how this will be determined;
  • details of any other paid leave, such as contractual maternity pay
  • details of any other benefits, such as childcare voucher schemes
  • as well as the information previously required in relation to holiday entitlement, sufficient information for exact holiday pay to be calculated; and
  • details of any training which must be completed.


If you are unsure whether your Statement of Terms and Conditions contains all the necessary information, you can contact us.

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