Furlough for shielding employees and those caring for others.

Furlough for shielding employees and those caring for others.

There have been an increased number of queries recently concerning whether furlough payments are available in relation to employees who are shielding due to being extremely vulnerable, and those who have to stay at home to care for others.

Updated guidance by HMRC states that the answer is YES, such employees can be furloughed, subject to the normal rules.

HMRC issued guidance at the end of last week to confirm that such employees are eligible to be furloughed, IF THE EMPLOYER CHOOSES TO DO SO.

The two categories of people covered are :

  1. Those who are clinically extremely vulnerable. It is up to the employer to determine whether an employee is such a person. Guidance however can be found HERE
  2. Those employees who have to remain at home to care for someone who is vulnerable, or parents of children who must stay at home due to COVID.

Employers are warned about making knee jerk decisions concerning employees who claim to fall into these categories but where the employer may have doubts the best advice is to err on the side of caution and investigate more fully as and when the opportunity arises.

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