Government Launches A Free, Easy-To-Use, Legal Guidance Website!

Government Launches A Free, Easy-To-Use, Legal Guidance Website!

The Trading Standards Institute has launched a free on-line resource that allows business owners to understand the trading standards laws and regulations that affect their specific business.

Business Companion ( effectively cuts through the thousands of regulations that are in existence to drill down to the specific rules that apply to how your business sells, what your business sells and where your business sells its goods and services.

By answering simple questions as to how, what and where your business sells its goods/services, business are directed to the rules which affect them and more importantly, they are not distracted by those which do not.

For example, if you type in a search on “tomatoes”, the website brings up the guide on weights and measures for greengrocers, whereas a search on “art” brings up a guide on antiques and antiquities. These guides are country specific (i.e. they differ depending upon whether you sell your goods from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland etc.) and can be printed out and saved for future reference.

The website also allows business to set up legislative alerts to be notified when a change in the law takes place…but don’t worry too much, as Sherbornes’ Legal Updates are always on hand to let you know what’s changing out there!


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