Homeworking and Document Security

Homeworking and Document Security

In the week that we have National Shred Day, we’re receiving reports of the Information Commissioner’s Office upholding a complaint against an employer who failed to dispose of sensitive data securely where an employee was working from home.

This is a reminder to all employers who now allow homeworking to ensure that documented processes are in place to deal with personal and confidential information that is printed.

Steps should include:

    • Prohibiting the disposal of work papers in domestic rubbish.
    • Ensuring waste documents are returned to office premises and collection from office premises of documents and shredding by a reputable disposal service.
    • Penalties for failure in this area can be high not to mention the reputational damage to any business that fails to keep data secure.

A clear, simple policy for dealing with the issue for homeworkers should be all that is required.

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