modern slavery actMany of you will already be aware that there is a new requirement to take steps (including a policy and annual compliance) as to how businesses assess the risk of and reduce or eliminate modern slavery and human trafficking (MODERN SLAVERY ACT 2015). As a headline, it may appear as if this only applies to larger businesses, but as those larger businesses have to ensure their own supply chain (i.e. you) also comply, then it will apply to all businesses as it trickles down.

We have put together a legally compliant policy for the benefit of our clients which is now available.  This will be free of charge to existing Arcturus clients.

We are also offering training for directors, managers, heads of department and bid teams/sales teams in order for you to answer any questions raised in relation to this legislation and show the steps that you are taking to comply (as well as those which are required to assist your customers to comply).

If you supply to a large business, there is little doubt that you will be asked questions about this subject in order to continue your relationship with them. Don’t be caught out and make sure you know what this is all about.

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