World Cup and HR management

World Cup and HR management

We have tried to avoid the usual hyperbole about the world cup and managing absence.

However, now that the country appears to be sitting up and taking notice at our boys’ efforts, it is entirely possible that some staff might get a little carried away whether we win or lose. This might, in turn, lead to absence, and then the phone calls from angry bosses wanting to sack absent employees.

For this reason, IF you are an employer that may take issue with missing, hung over staff, you should consider what you want to do now, rather than wait for the empty staff room.


Some of the choices are:

  1. Do nothing and hope everyone is sensible, whatever happens.
  2. Letting staff know that, IF they anticipate a late night, you will be flexible on a first come first served basis to people starting later the day after the game. This would allow you to manage staff numbers.


In either event, if you will want to deal sternly with staff should they let you down on Thursday morning, (or even next Monday, it could happen), then you would be wise to let staff know now that absence following an England game will be closely scrutinised, and should be informed to the employer, IN PERSON ONLY, before the normal start time.

Failure to adhere to these rules on this occasion may be dealt with through the disciplinary process, even to the extent of being treated as gross misconduct for the worst offenders. At least if you take this step, you will have a greater choice in how you respond to lateness, absence, or even attending work still under the influence of alcohol.

Finally, if your staff are driving vehicles or operating machinery as part of their role, you should also make them aware of the consequences of turning up to work under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

We hope you enjoy the game.


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